Parton’s Slap On Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Three days ago, Dolly Parton showed that not all awards were deserving when she turned down her nomination as a prospective inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I think if other nominees, for some questionable awards, can learn from this legendary country singer, the organisers can revive their integrity.

In 2021, despite that Fela Anikulapo came second for this award, the organisers preferred the fifth on the list, Jay Z.

The question is what is the place of hip hop in rock and roll if Jay Z must come before great Fela. I lost interest in the awards until I read yesterday that Parton opted out.

Thank you Dolly for your reasons that you did not deserve to be there because your own genre of music is country. She also said that the organisers should give the award to those who really deserve it, even though she is just being nominated for the first time.

Such award should not bother a woman who had won about nine Grammys and never sang a single rock and roll kind of music.

With her talent, no doubt, I would have loved her to take it but Parton has shown how conscientious she is. She told the organisers to nominate her again if she would ever qualify but not until she has released an album that will contain rock and roll beat and lyrics.

Take Parton to church, she will kill any Gospel song as she did for “Hello God” and if by tomorrow she decides to rock and roll, I have no doubt that Tina Turner will be jittery.
But for this slap on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I say 10 gbosas to Parton.
May be Fela can win this year edition, we want Abami Eda in that Hall.


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