I’m Still In Love With Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo’s Sekere duet with Yemi Alade is one song that will not easily disappear from my brain because of the story in the lyrics.
The Beninese inserts her Yoruba “Egun” to tell a story of herself, her mother and father. She gives another version of it with Alade in her latest album “Mother Nature” and wins the Best Global Music Album at the 64th Grammy.
Today, Kidjo has won five Grammy awards and she does it in style by defeating our own Star Boy, Wizkid and others.
In the Best Global Music Performance, Arooj Aftab defeated veteran Afro singer, Femi Kuti and his son Made. This makes it the sixth time Femi Kuti had been nominated.
I think it is time for our Nigerian artists to learn something from the Beninese. Kidjo’s Mother Nature sings about our environment, global warming and of course the climate change, using about three Nigerian artists to capture Africa and the world. Her album has global appeal and it won her another Grammy.
In Kuti’s Pa pa pa, that is quick fix, the Afro legend has spoken sense to our leaders, urging them to address the numerous rots in the land, which for me is very relevant at this time but not as relevant as the depletion of Ozone layer, a global phenomenon.
Wizkid’s Made in Lagos album and his highly appreciated “Essence” for me was the most popular song from this continent last year but it addressed more of love than life in a continent that is being ravaged by hunger and poverty. No doubt, the world appreciates the hard work, skills and talents in Wizkid, the star boy will need to look deeper into the works of artists like Kidjo to be a serial Grammy winner.
Do I hate Kidjo for denying Nigeria again, Nope, I love her still. She knows the tricks.


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