What Will Happen Now That We’ve Lost Hope In Joshua?

Anthony Joshua
Former heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua will be fighting Oleksandr Usyk in August to reclaim his unified belts.
The second time the British-Nigerian is coming back from defeat. Can he become a three-time champion? Yes but his win will not rate him as one of the best ever, it will only be on record that he did.
For me, Joshua’s commitment to boxing is fake. Of course he is training to beat Usyk in August, Joshua is easily distracted by so many things. He sees boxing more as showbiz than fight.
Joshua has shown his fans he has no heart of a champion and may have to forget about boxing if he fails to reclaim his belts from Usyk.
To beat the Ukaranian, the Briton must be ready for war because Usyk does not see boxing as a game but his life. Joshua is too sportsmanship for boxing, perhaps he should be thinking of modelling now.
Only Muhammad Ali had successfully made boxing look like an art and after him no boxer has been able to mix smiles and tears to get victory in the ring.
Ali would calm his opponents, ridicule them and put on them serious pains to get his victory. He used his tongue as well as his fists to demoralise his opponents in his era.
Those who came after him could not do this, including Larry Holmes and Lennox Lewis even though they stole Ali’s style of jabbing.
Joshua must stop acting in the ring if he must beat Usyk. He must remember that he is not Ali. Despite that he had a poor outing against Usyk in their last fight, Joshua was seen smiling towards the end of the bout. Ridiculous.
Usyk would have knocked him down and out but the referee saved Joshua by ending the fight abruptly. Heavyweight division needs serious boxers now whose ring attitude will lift the status of boxing in this era
Usyk is a serious minded contender, Deontay Wilder, yes, Tyson Fury is another one but Joshua.


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