Adeleke’s Victory Shows Youths Don’t Enjoy Story of Solar System Anymore

Only a few number of youths will sit down before any teacher to listen to the story of the Sun and the Nine planets nowadays.
The story of a new astronaut in town does not excite Nigerian youths anymore but that of a new music talent and dancer.
I was among those who never wanted Senator Ademola Adeleke as the next Osun State Governor because of his “lábẹ̀ lábẹ̀ chop chop,” kind of politics but I learnt something from him.
Those who designed his branding got it right and I want to believe that it is his brand that won him the election not his person.
Adeleke spoke the minds of our youths, many of whom have taken to showbiz because our educational system has failed to offer them succour. Those who want to sing now, even though they are in school are steadily growing in number everyday.
Adeleke did not only come with US Dollars, he entered Osun with dance steps that attracted thousands of our youths whose university education is currently in jeopardy.
Believe me, some of the youths had associated themselves with Adelekes because of a possible signing by Davido. I cannot blame them, the Federal Government has helped the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU to mortgage the future of our youths.
A lecturer who does not believe in scientific breakthrough himself cannot be a good role model for the students but a Davido and his uncle, Demola who may not have anything to offer in terms of quality education for the masses are new bride in town.
Yes, new bride because they have come at a time the youths are jobless and their schools shut by a government that has lost creativity.
The world is no more run by the weight of our vocabularies but ideas that can transform into wealth and prosperity.
The youths did not just stop embracing stories of the moon and the sun, these idea is no more in vogue because our universities do not have the necessary equipment to practise these field of knowledge.
Music is taught in school just like Medicine but the latter does not require much talent like the former. A good singer is first measured by his talent not his academic qualification but talent cannot be used as a measure of medical practice.
Music is interesting, it looks simple but it is a difficult art to learn without talent. But then it does not need ASUU and federal government for approval. The first approval is talent and endorsement and signing by a record label company.
Our youths have spoken loud that they will embrace moneybags and any character who is ready to make their lives better without formal education or government empowerment.
I pray that Adeleke can see the dreams of the youths who voted for him. Their attention had shifted from the Newton’s Law of Motion or Archimedes Principle, they want good life.
With their songs of victory on Saturday night across Osun and the closeness of the results of the election, it appears there are some youths who still believe in the story of astronaut and space engineers, they will expect Adeleke to give quality education.
They will expect him to turn the state to a tourist centre and a hub of entertainment in the southwest using his connection to build the network of industrious youths across the state.
The youths will expect Adeleke to improve the IGR of the state using his connection and the resources of the state, without which he will be booted out.
I congratulate our incoming dancing governor.


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