Between Bishops of CAN and Bishops of God


How To Become A Bishop

I know of two prominent bishops who may not have passed through the sacred tradition of either the Anglican or Catholic church to become bishops.

They are Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel and Bishop Wale Oke of The Sword of the Spirit Ministries International.

These two men of the Pentecostal and many others changed my mindset about which denomination has got the absolute rights to appoint a bishop.

According to Wikipedia, a bishop is expected to hold expertise in Canon law, that is an ecclesiastical rules and regulations to lead the church and the priests under him. These rules are of the Greek mythology.

Apart from this, to become a bishop, a priest must have obtained a doctoral degree in theology and must have been ordained five years at least as a priest.
He must be 35 years of age and cannot become a bishop unless one bishop is incapable to perform his function either by old age, death or sickness.

A bishop is first elected by priests and his name sent to arch-bishop who will later submits his name to the superior body for proper announcement and ceremony.

However, today, there are bishops across denominations who have fulfilled part of these obligations but failed to pass through the sacred tradition of the old orthodox churches. No matter how this may look, all bishops in Nigeria of today had not come from Catholic and Anglican.

As a matter of fact, Oyedepo and Wale-Oke are from the Pentecostal church and they are Bishops even though they do not wear cassock.

If cassock is a symbol of “bishopship”, then some men of God who parade themselves must be sanctioned for failing to wear this ceremonial cum spiritual gowns, including those who wear the gown when they are yet to become bishops.
When Catholic Church broke away from the Christian Association of Nigeria in 2012, it did not just do so by its own volition, it was an order from its global body over the allegation of corruption against CAN.

By academic attainment, former President Olusegun Obasanjo’, PhD Theology, is qualified as a bishop but he has to pass through seven years of seminary college for priesthood.
I know Obasanjo can do this. The question is whether he will be ready to travel the world in cassock as a priest or in his “Agbada” as an international diplomat? Ebora Owu should answer this question.

This brings me to the clerics that attended the unveiling of Senator Kashim Shettima as Tinubu’s running mate who appeared in cassocks.
They told Channels Television that they were not fake priests but ordained church leaders who hold the Canon law and obey the ecclesiastical rules, perhaps according to their own denominations.

Like law, which is practised with a lot of decorum, priesthood undergoes strict regulations but who should be blamed when those regulations like the dress code of a bishop is abused. For me, I think it is the body who supervises the church .
One of this bodies is CAN. But CAN has abandoned its primary function to dabble into politics and as this happens, various kind of priests and bishops are springing up with their own cassocks and gowns.

But then, shall we blame bishops in the waiting for lacking the finesse to properly wear cassocks when the regulatory body is busy lobbying for political office. If we must blame them, their supervisors must share from it.

I have said it severally that our holiness in this part of the world is the holiness of the Pharisees who wore bigger cassocks to perpetrate evil in the temple of God.
Where is the place of Jesus Christ our Lord who never wore cassock but seamless robe. A mantle of this robe healed a woman with the issue of blood but the cassocks of the pharisees saved nobody.


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