Some Men Are Babies When They Break Laws

Rufai Oseni

One needs to watch the “Morning Show” on Arise Television to see the robust analysis of Dr. Reuben Abati.

Dr. Abati is simply brilliant. He is an excellent researcher and a gift to journalism. However, this intellectual had broken broadcast rules severally despite his brilliance.
And for his co-anchors, Oseni Rufai and Tundun Abiola, they make me laugh by their conduct on the screen. Abiola who is a lawyer once threatened to deal with a caller for mentioning her father’s name, MKO on air. So funny.
Rufai doesn’t pretend his hatred for APC. He is easily provoked when it comes to talking about the present government. To some extent he has the rights but again he has not been doing it professionally.
He can do such on social media platforms but not on television where rules must be strictly adhered to.
Our OAP, Rufai took his anger to the road when he broke Lagos Traffic Law by using BRT lane. He was apprehended by the police and the first statement he uttered was, “I will call the governor for you”. Irritating. O n rin mi lara.
It sounds like, “I will tell my daddy for you” , the daily anthem of little babies in my neighbourhood.
He was fined N70,000 by the court. He made the payment after which his vehicle was released. That is the way to go.
Two weeks ago I broke Lagos traffic law “ignorantly”. The last time I drove through Dopemu to Egbeda was about 10 years ago and I did not know that the link bridge is now a one-way route. There was no sign and I was apprehended by policemen and LASTMA officials.
They asked my guest in the front seat to jump to the back as one of them took over the seat. The cop ordered me to move and I did. I complied fully.
We later pulled over where the cop directed me to meet his superior in a police van. These policemen listened to me and noticed my innocence. Case settled and closed.
One of them, a policewoman and a female LASTMA official showed me how to navigate my way to Capitol Road. These law enforcers respect journalists if one can comport himself without bluffing or blabbing.
It is ridiculous that our man was shouting on the road like a baby, “I will tell governor for you”. After breaking the law, Ko le werk pls. Respect is reciprocal, police and LASTMA must be respected.


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