Will The Ring Magazine Belt Leave or Stay In England?

As brave as Evander Holyfield was, he never had the opportunity to compete in a “Ring Magazine” championship.
Holyfield easily came to mind because he never docked any opponent but the chance of the Ring Magazine did not come. He would have won the belt, no doubt.
Ring Magazine’s contest is a bout between a reigning champion and the second best. The winner of the two automatically becomes the holder of the “Ring Magazine”.
The last holder of this is Tyson Fury who announced his retirement a few days ago. He beat Deontay Wilder who was number two on the WBC list to write his name among the holders of this prestigious belt.
Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis won this belt too. There is something I love about the organisers of various boxing championships. They adhere to culture so much that one begins to view boxing champions as spiritual beings.
Ring Magazine does not come easily and that is why it has become the “Holy Grail” of any elite boxer. With the retirement of Fury, the Briton automatically vacated the Magazine seat for the winner of Joshua and Usyk.
And with all the remaining belts for contention, the WBO, IBF and WBA, tomorrow’s winner will win the Ring Magazine Belt. It is made of cotton with either medal of Zink or Steel.
Who wears this “Ìbàntẹ́” the sacred Belt between Joshua and Usyk on Saturday?
It is for a boxer whose balls have felt more heat. Will he be Joshua, I wish.


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