Joshua Sheds Tears, So Do I

At the post fight press conference, Anthony Joshua’s original thought was revealed as he fought back tears over his loss to Oleksandr Usyk.
He fought back tears as I could not control mine.
Obviously, he was so desirous of the Ring Magazine Belt, one of the two he has never laid his hands on until yesterday night when he carried it and dropped it on the canvas as if he never needed it.
Joshua’s second defeat by Usyk in nine months shows how good the Ukranian is. Except for the ranting that followed his loss, Joshua’s performance wasn’t bad at all, especially in the later rounds when he pushed so hard to find a bigger punch.
Usky will live with the unified belts for a long time and follow the path of his compatriots, the Klitschko brothers because of his skills, determination and lack of strong contenders in the heavyweight division. He is so good and so sweet, he is humble, yet aggressive.
However, credit must be given to Joshua too, who against all predictions went as far as winning one out of the three judges’ scorecards, “115-113” and losing by 113-115 and 112-116 on a night he gave his best. It was a split decision and could have gone either way.
He spoke and praised the talent of Usyk and went ahead to sign autographs, which for me were not necessary but then he had to free himself of that emotion. He spoke to keep his fans and to make new friends who had been rooting for his victory.
Joshua had done a lot for the United Kingdom and himself having won an Olympic Gold medal to become a professional and later a heavyweight champion.
He went on to defend the unified belts against such great talents like Joseph Parker, Carlos Takam, Kubrat Pulev, Andy Ruiz junior 1 and 2, Vladimir Klitschko, Dillian Whyte, Alexander Povetkin and Oleksandr Usyk 1 and 2.
This is a great feat and one has to look at where this British-Nigerian was coming from and the challenges he had faced, the hurdles he had to scale to become what he is today not necessarily his loss on Saturday.
For me, Joshua’s story is that of a good competitor who never docked any fight. He fought all men that were brought before him and won almost all of them. He wanted to win on Saturday again but he was fighting the best in this division now.
Usyk testified that in round nine Joshua pressed him so much that something was telling him, “You cannot stop now”, fight on.
Once upon a time, Joshua was the best in the division, knocking out his opponents one after the other. This is what he should know that there can never be a permanent champion but a current champion.
He has made fortune from this dangerous game with a net worth of $145 million, including the $30 million he earned in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Saturday in his fight against Usyk.
At 32, Joshua’s investments outside boxing are yielding and with his physique, Femi can do new things, perhaps in acting movies, modelling or becoming a motivational speaker. He has the gift of the gab. He can develop more skills in these areas.
This will give him more joy as a former boxing champion in millionaire circle.
Well done Joshua.


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